Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why All These Crazy Feelings If I Shouldn’t Do Anything About Them Now?


Since most people marry in their 20s, why do young teenagers begin to have strong feelings for the opposite sex? Why is a 13-year-old fully capable of getting pregnant and bringing a baby into the world, if she must wait until she’s 20 in order to do so?

Why all these crazy feelings if I shouldn’t do anything about them now?

I was thinking about this recently and God shared something very cool with me.

On the day of your wedding you pledge yourself, forsaking all others, to keep yourself only to your husband or wife, as long as you both shall live. All thoughts of others, all interest in others is to be strictly controlled. Once you’re married to the man of your choice, you cannot have a boyfriend too. After your wedding you can’t have a wife and a string of girlfriends.

So how are you supposed to learn how to do that—trial and error after you’re married doesn’t work out so well?!

And that’s the really cool things God showed me: That’s what these teenage romantic feelings are for. There is a reason He designed them to come early! There’s something